Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marketing Experiment


This is my newest design called Country Claus. It is a small wall quilt that finishes at 29" square. It is paper pieced and each Santa has a 3 dimensional hat and beads for the eyes and nose. There is a jingle bell hanging from each hat tip. All of these embellishments are included with the pattern. This pattern retails for $12.50
I am only able to ship my patterns in the US at this time so the offer is limited to US residents only.

The hardest thing about making a living from designing is getting your product out there, especially if your advertising dollars are very limited. I want to try something new. I am offering to send this pattern free to anyone that gets their local quilt shop to place an order for at least 6 copies.

If there are any quilt shops interested in picking up this pattern, the offer is as follows:
For every 6 copies ordered I will include a free copy of this pattern or any one of my other designs except for A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.

This is a limited time offer so if you are interested act quickly!

If you'd like more information email me at:

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