Monday, January 09, 2012

WTF--Did I get your attention?

What has happened to us? Why do we think we have the right to offend others and that by calling it FREE SPEECH it makes it okay? Let's call it what it really is--a lack of respect for others.

One of my recent Facebook statuses was asking people to refrain from posting things they wouldn't want their children, other peoples' children, their parents/grandparents or other peoples' parents/grandparents to see. One response was "We can't control what others do on their computer or what they're thinking. Same as wishing upon a star to lend a prince charming. Free speach, I believed they call it *_* (this was copied and pasted from FB so all the typos are the writer's)

Does free speech mean we don't have to have manners anymore?

Posting inappropriate pictures or words makes the writer look trashy and uneducated and it has no purpose except to shock. If you need attention, even negative attention, so badly you need to get off the computer and get some therapy!

I'm not saying that everything that comes out of my mouth is nice or even proper but I certainly wouldn't post something on the internet for the whole world to see that I wouldn't show my children myself so why do other people think its okay to put whatever they want there. Who raised these people? No one, it seems.

In this day and age, it seems, we have no modesty, we are proud of things we should be embarrassed by. Celebrities showing off their ankle bracelets meant to monitor their whereabouts is a good example. Would you use the "f" word in front of your grandmother? If you would, I would venture to say there is something psychologically wrong with you or she must have done something terribly wrong to you to have so little respect for her. If you wouldn't, why would you do it in front of the REST of the world?

I don't think its asking too much to respect my rights and others' rights not to be offended every time I/we turn on our computers by simply choosing another word or by eliminating an expletive from your comment or post.

Okay, I am climbing down off the soapbox and going back to quilting. I just needed to get that off of my chest.

BTW- in my life, WTF stands for Where's The Fudge?


  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    BRAVO SUE!!!!
    My sentiments exactly! One of my sons told me people shouldn't post anything on fb (or any social network) that they wouldn't SHOUT across a crowded room. I'm not a prude and the language doesn't offend me' IT'S THE LACK OF RESPECT!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I was afraid I was alone in thinking this! I am so glad you commented and let me know I'm not. And what a great gauge to check what's appropriate and what's not. It couldn't be any more simple than that!

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!

  4. If only everyone would live by this rule. My mother used to tell us when we were kids " you can think anything you want but don't have to say it"

  5. Thank you!
    I always say, if you want to be treated like a lady, you need to act like a lady.
    If you don't respect yourself, then why should anyone else?

  6. Anonymous1:13 AM

    I always say don't post anything you wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper. Also, potential employers use social networking, and posting certain things can prevent hiring or even cost you a current job. The Internet never forgets; once it is posted it is out there forever.

  7. Well said.
    BTW, when you find the fudge, I'll have a piece, please!