Saturday, February 25, 2012

Library Quilt underway!

I have been asked to help construct a quilt to benefit the Whitehall Public Library as well as celebrate its 50th Anniversary! Plans are already underway and we are excited to get to work. But we can't do too much until we know what books will be featured on the quilt. The quilt has been designed and we have a list of books, so far, but want to make sure people are aware of this project and let them know they have the opportunity to get their favorite book represented on the quilt, too!

The actual quilt will be a book shelf/shelves with 50 adult titles and 50 children's titles. It will hang in the Whitehall Library and be displayed with a companion book that will feature the names of the people who chose the books and their reasons for their choice.

We have a lot of special details planned for the quilt so it will definitely be something to see when it is finished. The deadline to get your book choice in is August 31st, 2012 so we will have enough time to construct it and have it ready for unveiling in the spring of 2013.

Feel free to contact me via email for more information:

Or contact The Whitehall Public Library
                  100 Borough Park Drive | Pittsburgh, PA 15236
         Email -


  1. I hope Wind in the Willows is included!
    my daughter wants "Make Way for Ducklings"...

  2. Great books, Thea! They haven't been chosen yet but if you want to make SURE they are on the quilt I know how to guarantee it! lol