Sunday, April 01, 2012

A New Chapter

This is my newest design, called Star Crossed, just published by Arbee Designs! It is a small, paper pieced wall quilt and I had a lot of fun making it myself, so I hope others will, too. I am so excited to be working with Arbee Designs since I will have more of an opportunity to do the part of quilting that I love the most--DESIGNING! I love being able to create something that didn't exist before. So many people think quilts can only be made with half square triangles and squares. That is simply NOT true and I aim to prove it. Traditional quilts are beautiful and I admire them but today's quilters have so many tools and techniques that we aren't limited  (unless we want to be) to doing what our mothers and grandmothers did. Try something new, spread your wings and fly!
Ruth Blanchet and her team at Arbee Designs will do the part I like the least--printing, folding, marketing and selling. I've already got 2 more designs in the works with Arbee so its back to work for me.

Check out all of the other amazing quilt patterns available from Arbee Designs here:

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