Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Library Quilt Update

I had the chance to work on the window for the quilt being made to raise funds for the Whitehall Public Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I decided to post a picture of my progress. The center of this quilt will be on display at the Whitehall Community Day on August 25th so you can see it up close and check out some of the details we are adding. We have had quite a number of books chosen so far but if you would like to have your favorite book featured on the quilt there is still time! What a wonderful way to share a favorite family story or commemorate a loved one. You can choose the book you've read a million times to your children or grandchildren or one that has special meaning to yourself. For more info visit the Whitehall Public Library's website http://www.whitehallpubliclibrary.org/ or contact me via email at larkspurlanedesigns@yahoo.com

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