Saturday, May 30, 2009


Does anyone make a decent toaster? You'd think making a piece of toast would be simple. We have had a least 3 toasters since I got married 13 years ago and not one of them has been worth the price we paid! Plus, we each had our own toasters before we got married and they probably didn't work well either. My Mother's Day gift earlier this month was a toaster oven, more of a family gift, but still better than the king size chocolate bar I got last year. I will have to destroy it before my husband will admit defeat and look for something else, but the thing that I have noticed with the toaster oven is that you don't really get toast from it. You get a piece of bread that is still mostly white, but has sort of a biscotti consistency with all of the moisture leeched out of it! If anyone is enjoying a good piece of toast this morning, please let me know what brand toaster you have. I will have to hide it somewhere in the house and will only be able to use it when my husband isn't home, but I don't think a good piece of toast is too much to ask for!

Maybe a toast quilt is in order to justify this silly post!


  1. A toaster oven is good for a lot of things but not toast. In our house we have a toaster oven but we also have a good old fashion 2 slice toaster. Trust me, it's worth it to have two appliances if you actually want something that at least resembles toast. :)

    Robin in Seal Beach, CA

  2. I know what you mean about toasters! They make them disposable nowadays it seems. Back 30 years ago, when we got married the toasters worked for many, you pay $30 and they don't last even a year! My hubby finally bought a $5 Durand from WalMart and said that's what we're using now, at least it doesn't hurt to throw them out. Well, I did buy myself a more stylish one for $30 which died after 7 months so I took it back to WalMart according to the manual, and asked for a replacement. I got it after much agitation with the manager, but if this one dies before a year is up, I'm going back to the $5 ones...not pretty, but they last just as long if not longer. Yup, a disposable society is what we've become. The neighbors change out their carpets and living room furniture every 2 years it seems...nothing is built to last anymore...and people get 'bored' with what they have. Sad.

  3. We have a T-Fal Avante model that my SIL gave us for Christmas a few years ago. We had a problem with it during the first year and the company sent us a replacement. It toasts evenly and well and it works especially well with bagels as it has large openings. There are some extra large bread slices that have to be turned, but for the most part, we love this toaster!

    Punxsutawney, PA

  4. I bought a Cuisinart toaster a few years ago and it is still working... I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and used one of their 20% discount coupons. By the way, my local BBB will accept any coupons - they do not seem to care if it is "expired". Liz