Thursday, June 11, 2009

My husband is a packrat

My husband thinks if something comes into this house, it has to stay here. I have tried to throw things away and have found them back in the house somewhere else. For example, I use a tabletop ironing board, and the one I had been using was made of particle board. It was falling apart and turning back into sawdust. I put it out by the curb for the trash collector to pick up and thought it was taken care of, but found it about a week later sitting in the garage. I asked my husband, "why?" and he told me he could make something out of it. My husband can't "make" a bed! His idea of fixing my son's bed frame was to pile books up underneath the box spring instead of taking the mattress and box spring off and screwing the bed frame back together. He lets the kids bring "treasures" back from the cottage. This last trip, my son brought home half of a bowling ball he found on the beach. He has no need for a whole bowling ball, I can't imagine what he thinks he can do with half.

We had an argument just the other day about throwing away things we don't need, and his response to that was, "If we throw everything away that we haven't used in the last two years, we'd have nothing." What he doesn't know, is that 2 days earlier, when he wasn't home, I threw away at least 5 bags of old toys and magazines that had been sitting around for awhile unused. No one has noticed.

I think I need to do the same thing with some of my fabric since my tastes have changed from when I started quilting 8 years ago. The fabrics that I couldn't live without then leave me cold now. I'll probably hang onto then a "little" while longer, but at least, when I say, "I could make something out of it", I'm telling the truth!


  1. that story cracks me up! my mom is like that and my dad isn't so it can be interesting sometimes!

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I can also relate to your story - I am currently cleaning up the homestead. But, at least I can say that Mom came from the generation that dealt with the depressions and the wars. My excuse is that I am the daughter of a packrat, so it is in the genes!

    I am just creating a "history room" to hold the pictures, cards, financial files, etc. until I can go through them!