Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a Little Update

I actually have 2 days off in a row!

That is almost unheard of in my life. I have printed the foundations for the second quilt I need to make for publication in a magazine and will attempt to get as much done in these 2 days as possible. This quilt is the one that some of the fabric isn't available for yet. But that fabric goes in the borders, so I can make the center of the quilt and wait for the other fabric to arrive.

When this quilt is finished, I will start working on my new designs and class samples for 2010 classes. Some of those, I plan to post pictures of when they are finished.

I haven't gotten a new camera yet, but found out something interesting when I went to the camera store. Most digital cameras have a feature where you need to tell the camera what type of batteries you are using, because different batteries behave differently in your camera. Here's the problem, though--using alkaline batteries (which is what I have available at the moment), because the camera isn't on the alkaline battery setting, the camera tells me the batteries are low and shuts off immediately without giving me any time to change the setting! What a pain. But, that may mean I don't need a new camera right now. If you start seeing pictures show up on my blog again soon, you'll know I figured it out. Just don't hold your breath for that!

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  1. Huh! What an interesting piece of information. I have used an old Sony digital camera for years. About 3 months ago I bought batteries that say they are specially for digital cameras and are supposed to last longer. Well these batteries have NOT lastest longer, as a matter of fact they die really quick. So I am now wondering if it has something to do with a setting ? Great point, and thanks for sharing.