Saturday, September 17, 2011

The reviews are in

I always look forward to getting my evaluation after teaching Special Studies at Chautauqua Institution and was particularly proud to read them this time. So I decided to share!

The class I taught was paper piecing and I used a project I designed specifically for CI. I call it Lakeview (this photo was taken with my phone so I apologize for the quality). One of the things I teach in the class is using a directional fabric in paper piecing. I have asked other teachers who teach this technique how they handle directional fabric and have been told by most they instruct their students to avoid them but I have come up with a simple way to handle these difficult patterns and have taught it to many students over the years. I would love to teach it to many more so if you are looking for a workshop for your guild and might be interested in learning this technique and others feel free to get in touch with me!

Anyway, back to my reviews. The things we are evaluated on are as follows:

Class was well organized
Class was well prepared
Instructor had knowledge of subject
Instructor communicated effectively
Instructor made efficient use of time
Instructor enthusiastic about teaching
Students free to ask question/opinions
I would recommend this instructor

I received EXCELLENT in all of the above categories which made me feel really good but the actual written comments are what I am really excited to share.

"Can not wait to take this course next year"
"Best class I have ever taken"
"Sue was the best teacher. She is very patient and willing to take extra time with each student"

I hope you don't mind me using my blog as the refrigerator door!

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