Thursday, September 01, 2011

Paper Pieced "Y" Seam

I still haven't had time to remake one of the blocks from my newest design published in the Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker but this block is very similar in construction and should help to show the technique.

In the first picture, one of the quadrants of the block has been sewn to the center square. To make the center square, I printed the foundation, sprayed it with a quilt basting spray, adhered the fabric to it and trimmed it to the right size. What you aren't seeing in this picture but might be able to see in the next one is that the center block is not sewn from end to end and the seam starts and ends on the drawn line. I backstitched on each end of the seam to secure.

Next, I added another quadrant in the same manner. After I have 2 quadrants attached, the center block can be bent in half to match the seams in between the 2 quadrants and can be sewn from the outside edge into the center stopping again at the 1/4" mark on the foundation.

The 3rd and 4th quadrants are added the same way and the block is complete!

As you can see, its very simple, there are less seams coming together in the center and there is less cutting and even less fabric used.


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