Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Curious about this quilt?

A recent comment about my library quilt got me thinking. Rob, the commenter, wanted to know if there was a pattern for this quilt. Unfortunately, there isn't and there won't be one because it was commissioned to fit a large wall at my local library, but I'm considering writing a series of posts about how I designed and how, with the help of friends and the use of a wonderful sewing machine, we were able to make this quilt. I'll probably cover the purpose of this quilt and how it was used to raise funds for the library, as well. Is there anyone else out there who's interested in the process?

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  1. Yes. Yes please. Part of what we know now about documenting quilts and their importance in our communities, is that we MUST share their stories.

    And some of us "have always thought" we would like to make a similar project. We don't want to do what you did, but we also don't want to have to keep reinventing the wheel. WE can learn from your experience.