Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quilter's Home

Is anyone else following this story about the controversial quilts in the March issue of Quilter's Home? I have been very interested since I have a quilt in that issue. Not one of the quilts in the article but one of the featured quilts.

I am amazed at the reaction of some people who refuse to look at the magazine or read the article and yet feel compelled to make a judgement about it. On lemondrop for instance, people are up in arms about the Jesus with a gun quilt without ever wanting to hear the story behind it. Shawn Quinlan, another Pittsburgh quilter, is known for his controversial quilts, but if you talk to him and find out about his motivation in creating certain designs, you will find a very sensitive and intelligent man whose quilting is actually therapeutic for him. The quilt in question, was the result of his filming at an NRA convention where he saw a man holding a sign saying, "Jesus for Guns". People think he is mocking Jesus, when he is actually mocking people who choose to use the name of Jesus to promote their own cause. I honestly don't think Jesus would join that cause!


  1. Yes, the whole Quilters' Home thing is so silly. I'm afraid too many people who complain about "controversial" anything never seem to take the time to learn the whole story...they never see the whole movie, never read the book, never learn the history of an issue...they just like to tell the rest of us how we should think.

  2. NPR had a comment about this on Wait Wait Don't tell me. Said the issue had to be mailed in a brown paper wrapper and JoAnn's wouldn't carry it. I have the issue (it did not come in a brown paper wrapper...) and read the article as well as the rest of the magazine. Tempest in a teapot! Good article (so Mark Lipinski!!) taken out of context for entertainment purposes of others. Honestly!!

  3. I read your comment on Mark's blog. I absolutely agree! I guess freedom of the press doesn't apply to quilt magazines. I'm adding your blog to my blogs I'm watching list.

  4. I totally agree with your comments, but have to add that even bad publicity sells books -- in this case magazines. And I don't think Mark's bottom line suffered from JoAnn's mistake. Which to me is a delightful outcome to censorship -- selling more copies. :)

  5. Can't believe it got beyond the quilting world! For me I had never heard of it and don't care what people think generally anyway.
    Somebody always needs their 15 minutes of fame....even quilters.
    I myself don't care for that kind of each his own.