Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quilt Shop Horror Stories

I used to think there was no such thing as a bad quilt shop, but after almost 9 years of quilting, I'm finding that's simply not true. I guess if the owner isn't a good person, then it follows that their shop wouldn't be a very nice place to visit. Quilt shops can be very competitive and some owners go out of their way to hurt their competition.

But even after putting that fact aside, there is one shop that I am surprised is able to stay in business. I have to admit that I didn't witness this behavior on my two visits to the shop, (where, thankfully, I didn't buy anything) but these stories have been related to me on several occasions, by more than a few different people. There is a shop in Pennsylvania, where the owner allows his dogs to roam freely around the shop and building, sleeping on the fabric bolts and sometimes chewing on them, pooping wherever they please and engaging in sexual acts in front of the customers. On top of that, his wife has been known to change a dirty diaper on top of the cutting table. Any one of these things would make me find another way to buy my quilt fabric if this was the only game in town, but combine them and it makes me think about health issues being a problem.

Have any of you ever been in a shop that you vow to never visit again? I would love to hear your quilt shop horror stories!


  1. Wow I'd say that is the worse one I've heard of. I've been to many shops that were very welcoming, but also to just as many that made you feel like you were bothering the workers. It's almost like they are having a party, and don't interrupt them for a purchase. I hope I never come across one like you mentioned :-(

  2. Please save me from going to that place. I live in Butler and would hate to end up in a shop like that! My little one is extremely allergic to dogs. You can reach me by e-mail. mrshunter at idevelopment dot info

    Sew long,

  3. I would feel disgusted, would blog about it so that no one else shops there too. The one I go too has a little dog running around in it and I can't stand it.

  4. Your story is definitely the worst that I've ever heard of. We do have a local quilt shop that many quilters wonder how it stays in business, especially in these times. Most every quilter I know would vote to say this particular store has the most unfriendly staff.

    Maybe these stores remain in business as enough local quilters have only shopped at those stores and don't know about others. Under this theory we could, and should, encourage all quilters to test the waters and try shopping at other stores....if simply for variety, but then they can officially share insights on their "favorite" stores.


  5. OMG how disgusting. I can't believe the shop is still in business. Who would every buy a thing from there. I've been to shops that aren't very friendly or even eager to wait on you, but this...OMG. I hope I never come across a shop like that.

  6. We have a shop around here that the owner is quite nasty - you just never know what you'll get when you get there. Fortunately most of her employees are friendly and helpful. I wouldn't go there but our guild has classes there occassionally.

    The dog and diaper shop sounds disgusting and I love dogs and kids.