Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Thank You

Wow! Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog or sent a personal email to me! I was blowing off steam yesterday and I am so relieved that I am not the only one bothered by the lack of manners in the world today. I guess I will continue to try and "educate" people as nicely as possible about their lack of manners even at the risk of being punched in the nose. (I worry about that too, Staci!) And I will continue to teach my children by words and by my own example how others should be treated.

Do any of you remember that old commercial (for shampoo, I think): you'll tell 2 people and they'll tell 2 people and so on and so on.... Maybe we can start a revolution!

Today is my only real day off this week so I am working on a new quilt design that I need to get back to, so hopefully my next post will be "quilty" and not whiny (whiney?).

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