Monday, November 08, 2010

This drives me CRAZY!

Can someone please tell me what is SO difficult about saying thank you? I am so tired of being treated like a doorman when I hold a door for someone and they can't even be bothered to say thank you! Even if its your job to hold the door you should still be thanked. What has happened to manners? Aren't children being taught them anymore? I know its going to get me in trouble some day, but I am one of those people who say "You're welcome" when I haven't been thanked after I've done something for someone. I keep hoping it will embarrass that person that a complete stranger just did them a favor and the next time someone holds a door or picks something up off the floor for them they will remember their manners.

I have had to stop and wait for my children because they have stayed at the door of a store or restaurant to hold it open for other people and I am very proud of them, but it bothers me that I haven't seen too many others take the time to do it, adults or children.

Is it because most young adults were brought up in daycare because their mothers had to or chose to work? I'm sure daycare workers do the best they can but don't have the time to teach something that isn't being reinforced at home. If that's the case, then these young adults won't bother to teach manners to their own children because they weren't taught them themselves. So it will only get worse from here, I think.

I know we all get distracted at times, but even at my most distracted, I don't think I have ever failed to thank someone for a kindness. Am I the only one bothered by this?

I know I must sound like a miserable, old lady but I needed to get that off my chest!


  1. The political fodder we have seen proves you right. No decency anymore. Thank you for talking about it. Chris

  2. No thanks necessary in this case, Chris. LOL Thank you for listening and letting me know I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  3. I do it, too. Say, "You're Welcome". And I have done it for years. And I have yet to have anyone ever turn around and say thank you, or even have the good grace to look embarrassed. I keep thinking one day someone will punch me in the nose!

  4. It's true most children nowdays do not have manners of any kind. It's frustrating. More and more families need 2 or more incomes ... I feel sorry for them. We try to help our own children as much as possible. My GC do have manners and do say thank you.

  5. Whenever *anyone*, male or female, holds a door open for me (or does me a courtesy), I have always (and still do!), give them a genuine, big smile and a 'thank you'. I taught our 3 daughters (now 26,21 & 21) the same thing and I know they say 'thank you' for courtesies done ... even if it is the other person's job to do it .. think of when a waiter refills your glass with water ... I always say 'thank you'.

    Compliments and good manners simply make life easier and more gracious for everyone concerned. It's certainly more pleasant than being a grump!

  6. Oh Sue I can't agree with you more. I am so disappointed with people (not just young people) who don't think it is necessary to say thank you. Like even for wedding gifts and such. I have tried to teach my children to be polite and to say thank you for gifts and other acts of kindness. But more and more you see this less and less.