Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Computer Headaches and Wonderful Friends

Can anything else bring on a headache like switching to a new computer can?!? My answer to that question would be, "NO!".
I haven't blogged much lately as I have been trying to get all of my old files over to my new computer without losing anything and that includes my mind. I shouldn't be complaining and I'm really not. More like venting, I guess. But its hard to be creative when your tools don't work properly. My old computer was 8 years old and was hanging on by a thread. It would shut itself off often right in the middle of a project and I would lose what I was working on.

A new computer has been on my list of things I need but just hasn't been in the budget but I happen to be able to count among my friends one of the most generous people on earth. I won't mention their name but this person needs their money as badly as the rest of us but chose to surprise me with a new laptop a couple of weeks ago!

Anyway, since my last post lots of things have happened. I found out I was nominated for Teacher of The Year by one of my students and am waiting to see who The Professional Quilter decides deserves that honor. I also entered my first major quilt show and am anxious to see if my quilt makes it in.Quiltmaker has chosen another of my designs to publish later this year,(more on that later). And I have several classes and lectures scheduled so far for this year.

I also saw my friend Nicole a couple of weeks ago and showed her the angel block I designed in honor of her daughter who was killed by a drunk driver in early December as a fundraiser for her family. Nikki is an inspiration to me. I went to see her to comfort her and instead left comforted BY her. To date, the quilt shop that is making kits to make the block have "sold" about 150 kits and are still cutting more.

I have at least a dozen new designs nearly ready to be published so, with any luck and my new computer, they should be available soon. Its going to be a good year!

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