Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is cool...I think?

I found this blog post about me and my block that I did for The Quilting Gallery's Christmas Quilt-Along but it's written in Spanish and the blogger is in Spain!!! I wish I knew more Spanish and could tell (without doing a lot of homework) whether this is a positive post or not, but either way I think its cool that someone in Spain is talking about me and my designs!


Hola chic@s!!
Hoy oss presento a una señora que hace maravillas de navidad, pero que "creo bajo mi opinión" que se ha quedado bastante cortita con su presentación en quiltinggallery. Nos presenta el trabajo siguiente:

aunque Sue es capaz de todo esto y más...

Bueno, ¿qué os parece? para descargar paper foundation de su trabajo, aquí

Y con esto y un bizcochooooo, saludines.

Here is a link to the actual blog so you can check it out for yourself


  1. Hi! I am here from the Christmas Quilt Show from sewcalgal. My husband speaks Spanish and thinks the post is OK. The lady is saying that your posting does not give enough information but she really likes your work. Me too!

  2. How cute - Love those Santas!

  3. That IS really cool. And how cute are those Santa's/stars? Love those.