Friday, March 18, 2011

An Exclusive Offer To Quilt Shop Owners

This is a picture of the actual quilt I made for my friend Nikki. It is hanging in Nikki's room at a rehab center where she is recovering from a car accident. Nikki's car was hit head on by a drunk driver in early December 2010. Sadly, she lost her beautiful, 7 year old daughter, Lexa, in the accident.

I took my design to my favorite, local quilt shop, Quilter's Corner in Finleyville, PA and spoke to the owner about using my design to raise funds for my friend's family. Mary Beth Hartnett went way beyond my expectations and produced a kit that she offered for a suggested donation of $6, of which, every penny went to the fund. Her total donation consisted of the fabric, the paper and ink to print the foundation, the packaging and the hourly salaries of her employees while putting the kits together!

She has had numerous inquiries from people in other states about getting the kits mailed out, but as you can see from my description above, she has done more than her fair share considering the only thing she is getting out of this project is a little extra foot traffic in her shop.

So I had the idea to offer this block to one quilt shop per city. The first quilt shop to contact me, from each city, about getting the block in their shop and agrees to use it as a fundraiser, to benefit THE CLELAND FAMILY FUND, will get a PDF of my design to use in any way you choose.

If, at some point, my friend and her family no longer need these funds, I will offer them to another organization, such as MADD, but for now, this design is solely intended to be used to help raise funds for my friend.

If you have any questions or want to reserve the block for your quilt shop, please feel free to contact me via email at:

By the way, if you don't own a quilt shop but are interested in getting this pattern, feel free to pass this information on to your favorite, local quilt shop.

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