Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I Design What I Design

There has been so much interest in my newest pattern, SPRING SHOWERS, including one message that read "I am not much on wall hangings but this is just so cute!!", that I thought I would explain why I design WHAT I design.

I like small projects because I get bored easily.
I like to see results quickly. (I made my newest version of SPRING SHOWERS  in two days and will post a picture of it as soon as it is quilted)
I like to change what I have on display in my home often.
My sewing time is limited so its easier to do small projects.
I like other people to see my quilts and don't want to drag them off to our bedrooms to "show off"!

How do you choose your projects? Are you like me and lose interest quickly? Is your time limited? Do you like to show off?


  1. Your sweet project was featured on the C&T blog - thanks for being part of the Creative Troupe!

  2. I swear I have ADD and can't focus on one project for too long. I feel really good when I finish something as big as a lap quilt, but I do really like the little wall hangings. I find I put more effort and attention into detail when it's on a smaller scale.