Sunday, March 06, 2011

Interesting Class--not necessarily in a good way

This picture is of a class I was teaching yesterday at Sew Special in Uniontown PA and I was having a wonderful time heart decided to "freak out". Things were going so great and my students were amazing! We were getting ready to break for lunch when all of a sudden my heart started to race and sitting outside in the cool air and deep breathing didn't help. One of my wonderful students, Julie, is a nurse who had just come off an extra long shift, took it upon herself to take care of me. She took me to urgent care where they told me they weren't equipped to care for me there and I needed to go to the emergency room. Unfortunately, the shop is an hour away from home and since I was being stubborn and insisted I go home to be seen the shopowner drove me in my car to the hospital closest to my home.

 Just so you don't think I am a total moron, this has happened very infrequently to me since I was a teenager and I have been checked before so I don't think it is anything to be overly concerned about but this time was a little different in that it went on longer than usual, I was getting light headed and started to sweat. By the time I reached the hospital my heart rate was back to normal and they couldn't find any reason for the problem in the first place but I will be making an appointment with a cardiologist just to be sure.

The class was for my design, SPRING SHOWERS, which you can see hanging on the wall in the photo (click on photo to enlarge). My students were so understanding and I got a couple of hugs before I left for the hospital so they made it easier for me to go. I have never left a class in the middle before so it was a difficult thing for me to do and I will be talking with Donna, the shopowner, to reschedule with the ladies, but I can't thank them enough for being so wonderful to me!

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