Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spring Angel Finished

My Spring Angel quilt is finished! I added a Swarovski crystal halo and heart-shaped yoyos to embellish her. The pattern is available directly from me for $10 and can be emailed or sent via regular mail.

I originally used this design to raise funds for my friend who was recovering from an accident with a drunk driver that took the life of her 7 year old daughter. With lots of help from Mary Beth Hartnett and her amazing staff at Quilters Corner, we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for my friend's family.


  1. This is the first time I've seen this angel piece pattern . I am wondering if it is still available... if so please let me know how I can get one.. thanks you
    trayne1837inc at thank you

  2. Hi Trayne, I sent you an email about this design but in case you don't get it I'll answer you here, too. This pattern is available directly from me. The cost is $10 and is actually called Christmas Angel. I can send it by email or by regular mail. There is a slightly smaller version available on Craftsy called Lexa's Angel. Thanks for you interest!