Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Christmas Angel is born

In a season that should be filled with joy a tragedy is especially hard to understand. This past Saturday night, my friend Nicole and her 2 daughters were on their way to pick up their father from work when a 23 year old man who had just left a bar on the South Side of Pittsburgh crossed the yellow line and struck Nicole's car head on. Her 7 year old daughter, Lexa, was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night. Nicole's other daughter was treated and released to her family as Nicole is in critical condition and has several surgeries and about 5 months of recovery in front of her.

This young man was able to get out of his car and run away. He was found hiding behind a building not far from the scene of the accident. There are so many labels I want to give this "man", but it would be useless and a waste of energy since his own guilt and whatever punishment he is given by the courts will have to suffice until he is judged by God.

I have decided to try and help Nicole and her family instead of focusing on his lost soul. There is a fund set up for Nicole and her family that is accepting monetary donations and I am offering to send anyone who donates to that fund an emailed copy of my design, LEXA'S ANGEL, pictured above.

Donations can be sent to:
The Cleland Family Fund
c/o The First National Bank
2550 Brownsville Rd.
South Park PA 15129

I know quilters are very generous people by nature so I hope if you are able to send anything, you will. I will be honest and tell you I have no way of knowing if someone actually sends a donation but I trust that people are generally good.

After you make your donation, send me an email at larkspurlanedesigns@yahoo.com and I will email you the pattern.

Thank you and God bless you,


  1. It is so hard to comprehend the loss that this family is going through. Such a tragedy. I am so sorry and will pray for them.

  2. Thanks Elisa, Nicole will need all the prayers she can get.