Monday, December 20, 2010

Kate's Angel

This is my new friend Kate's version of my design, Lexa's Angel. My post about my friend Nicole's situation struck a chord for Kate as she has had her own family tragedy to deal with and she generously made a donation to help a total stranger. My friend Nicole was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago in which she lost her 7 year old daughter, Lexa.

I don't have any new information about Nicole's condition right now but I know she made it through her most recent surgery. I'm not sure how many more she will have to endure but she is holding her own at this time.

Nicole's car was struck head on by a drunk driver when she and her 2 daughters were on their way to pick her husband up from work. Her 11 month old daughter is being cared for by family members until Nicole is well enough to do it herself. There has been no indication as to when that might be, unfortunately.

If anyone would like to help Nicole and her family, there is a fund, THE CLELAND FAMILY FUND, set up for them at The First National Bank, 2550 Brownsville Rd, South Park, PA 15129, 412-831-4800.

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