Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Nothing like a deadline to spur me on. The self-imposed ones are easy to ignore, but if you've got a pattern for sale on someone else's website, it better be ready! This pattern has been "just this side" of ready for months, but I finally put the finishing touches on yesterday. It is called Checkered Repast, and it is a table runner. I have been teaching it for about 4 months locally, so I was able to find any problems with my directions from my students. I haven't added it to my website yet, but it is available if anyone is interested. And I will be putting kits together for it using Hoffman 1895 Watercolor fabric. Contact me for the price and any other info you'd like.

I love my students, (most of the time), but some of them can be really challenging. I have been teaching this wonderful purse pattern, by another designer, for about 8 months now. I have made the purse myself about 4 times, so I have been able to work out any potential "bugs" along the way and have given these tips to my students. When someone is interested in signing up for this class, the very first thing I tell them is that it is a very "involved" project. During our third and final class, this very sweet lady said to me, "If I had known how involved this project was, I wouldn't have signed up for it." I assured her that I know I would have explained that to her before she signed up for the class and she told me, "I know, but I probably wasn't paying attention." Does anyone know of an IQ test or an ADD test for quilters?

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