Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite Patterns

This is it, the last day to get anything done for Chautauqua. I have a couple more things to print and fold, but I will have to wait until I hook up with my friends in New York before I can put them in pattern bags, 'cause guess what I forgot to order! Normally, I have only my own designs in my booth, but with all the teaching I do for the local sewing machine dealer, I have found a few patterns from other designers that I really like. One of them in particular, is for a purse called The Smart Handbag. You make the entire bag and then you make covers for it that are secured with hook and loop tape. I just finished a Steeler cover for the one I carry and I'm really excited about using it. There are so many wonderful fabrics out there, that you could have a different cover for every holiday, hobby, sports team, you name it, its out there. If you're going to Chautauqua, stop at my booth and see my samples.

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