Monday, September 07, 2009

Not quilty, but important all the same!

Rather than embarrass my stepmother-in-law and cause another family feud, I will let go of my frustration here. My SMIL is constantly forwarding emails to me and expecting me to blindly send them on to my email list without checking them out first. The one I just received claims that Target has banned the Salvation Army from soliciting in front of their stores for some ridiculous reasons. Although it is true they no longer allow the Salvation Army to set up their kettles in front of their stores, it is not for the reasons mentioned in the email. They actually have a very good reason and have come up with other ways to support the Salvation Army's causes. People think if they see "Snopes verified" at the end of the email subject line, it MUST be true. In this day and age, it is so fast and easy to check things out, please, please, take the time to verify the information you receive before passing it on. Jumping off the soapbox now and hoping SMIL doesn't read my blog!


  1. i worked for target once.. and someone went off on me about the topic.. and i just stood there.. it isn't worth the fight sometimes... and the email thing... oh i still have people that do that too... you would think y now they learn... but ohhh no!

  2. Thanks Jaybird! Most of her forwards are political and I just ignore them and hit delete, but I am just so tired of this. It is so frustrating how easy it can be to pass on lies! I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Walmart started the whole thing!

  3. I usually don't forward that crap on either. I usually check the facts and email them back and ask them to check the facts before they send stuff out. I always tell them it makes us look bad if we send out false info. For some reason, I am not getting as many emails from these people.