Monday, September 07, 2009

WARNING: Do not call me before 10:00am

Very rarely do I ever sleep past 7:00am. Most mornings, I am up before my alarm goes off. But just because I am up, doesn't mean I'm UP. I would NEVER call anyone before 10:00am especially on a weekend or holiday, unless it was an emergency. That being said, my phone rang this morning at 8:33am and, let me tell you, it was no emergency. One of my students called me to ask me how to find an embroidery design on a website I showed her in between classes on Saturday. She claimed she search this website for hours and couldn't find the design I had found for her. I found it for her in about 30 seconds and she let me get on with my morning routine: 2 cups of coffee, answering emails and enjoying a few moments to myself before the other early riser in my house, my 8 year old son, joins me. I really don't mind helping people and I often go out of my way for my students, but if you want to talk to me before I am really awake, don't expect me to be my usual helpful and friendly self. You also might find yourself mentioned in my blog...Regina!

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