Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quilting Around Chautauqua

I still need to do a lot before I head to Chautauqua Institution on Friday, but I am SO looking forward to the weekend, I don't mind doing it. I plan to drop off my children at school at 8:00 and leave from there, so I should be there by 11:30 am, at the latest. I am hoping that will give me time to walk the grounds and take lots of pictures this time before the event really gets rolling. It is such an amazing place, that everyone who has the opportunity, should visit at least once. During the summer, if you want to come inside just to look around, there is an admission fee, but in the off-season, it is free. The "cottages" there are mostly Victorian in style and not what I would consider a cottage. The hotel that sits at the side of the lake has a huge front porch filled with rocking chairs and I would love the opportunity to occupy one of those rocking chairs for just a little while! They have big name performers all summer long and lots of educational programs, too, but even if you don't get the chance to attend one of those events, it is still worth the visit. Nancy Zieman is the featured speaker this year, so attendance to the quilting event should be high. I wish I had some digital pictures to post, but the last time I had the time to take pictures, I didn't own a digital camera. This time, I will make sure I have my camera and extra batteries and should have some wonderful images to show you!

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